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Your Pet's Dental Health Matters

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats, and it is preventable! By the age of two, nearly 80% of dogs and up to 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. If left untreated, periodontal infections can lead to more serious health problems, including heart valve disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes and cancer. Not to mention the discomfort and pain associated with dental infections. At the Animal Hospital of Treasure Island, we encourage pet parents to take steps to control plaque on their pet's teeth by regular check ups.

Signs that periodontal disease has started in your pet's mouth:

  • Bad breath or 'halitosis' - many pets have breath that is less than fresh, but if you notice a significant change it may be time for an oral exam by our veterinary staff.
  • Pawing or rubbing at the face and mouth
  • Reluctance to eat hard food
  • Red swollen gums, brownish teeth

Treatment of periodontal disease is multi-faceted. If there is a significant amount of plaque present, your pet may need a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT), commonly referred to as a "dental" or "dental cleaning". A "dental" is more than just a cleaning - it includes a thorough oral exam, scaling and polishing of all teeth, and dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are required to correctly diagnose and facilitate an individulaized treatment plan. When severe periodontitis is present, teeth may have to be extracted, BUT several treatment option may be employed to save the teeth - every effort will be made. 

Home oral hygiene is an important part of you pet's dental health. It may not completely eliminate the need for a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment, but can decreae the progression of periodontal disease and reduces the frequency of COHATs. Ask the staff at the Animal Hospital of Treasure Island about home care for your pet - we can provide a sample of pet tooth paste!

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