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Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Does you pet have a medical condition that is causing pain or a poor quality of life? Are you afraid that your sick or elderly pet is suffering? Deciding if your loved one needs hospice care or euthanasia is a very personal and private decision. It's a topic that is hard to talk about, but our compassionate and caring team can help you and your family through this painful experience. 

Quality of Life

When evaluating the quality of life of your pet, personalized and family concerns are important when reaching an educated, informed, and supported decision. Things to consider include the pet's social interactions, physical health and comfort, mental health and natural functions.

Example of Quality of Life Scale (adapted from Lap of Love)

Use the key factors of quality of life below to help asses your pet's condition. Add up the numbers from each category for that day and keep a daily diary of the scale to keep track of your pet's progress. The maximum score is 12 and you can determine your own scale. You can even add categories that pertain to your pet's condition. For example, the category "Respiratory Rate" is your pet is suffering from heart failure or lung disease. 


2 - Good Mobility - No difficulty getting around, 
      enjoys walks and going outside
1 - Poor Mobility - Difficulty getting up, hard to
     get in position to eliminate, short walks
0 - Bare Minimum - Needs assistance, pain
     medication does not help


 2 - Interacts Normally with family
         and other pets
1 - Some Interaction
0 - Hides


2 - Good Appetite 
1 - Poor Appetite - Hand feeding, needs enticement
0 - No Appetite


2 - Normal urination and/or defecation
1 - Reduced/irregular urination and/or defecation
0 - None


2 - Adequate Intake 
1 - Poor Intake (or increased in patients with certain
0 - Requires subcutaneous or IV fluids


2 - Normal favorite activities, hobbies, etc.
1 - Decrease in doing their favorite things
0 - No interest in doing their favorite things

Scale is as follows:

12-9 Everything is okay. No medical intervention is required yet, but talk to our veterinarians for guidance and help identifying signs to look for as the disease progresses.

8-6 Quality of life is questionable and medical intervention is suggested.

< or = 5 Quality of life is definitely a concern. Changes will likely become more progressive. Consider humane euthanasia - talk to our veterinarians to better understand the end stages of your pet's disease. 

Please call the Animal Hospital of Treasure Island or visit Lap of Love for more information and assistance with quality of life concerns.